Experience the beauty of the Australian landscape through the work of accomplished photographer Peter MacDonald, an artist from the Flinders Ranges. View his gallery of stunning, classic landscape photography, purchase his photos, and join him on his expeditions in the outback during one of his intensive photography workshops, where you can learn new skills and be introduced to the striking scenery of South Australia.

Peter MacDonald – Flinders Ranges based Photographer

Peter MacDonald’s photography incorporates both the traditional and the contemporary, with landscape portraiture that documents our shifting environment and its flaws and features, as well as abstract work showcasing brilliant colours, changing seasons and seductive contours of the land.

A dedicated artist and man of the land, Peter MacDonald has devoted many years to honing his craft and learning ways in which the environment affects his photography as he documents its transformations and evolution. A sought after photographer, his work has been exhibited at the South Australian Museum and published in the illustrated edition of I Once Met a Man, a collection of Australian bush stories. Peter has been commissioned to supply artwork for the Visitor Information Centre at Flinders Ranges National Park, the South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and his work from the Lake Eyre region, Flinders Ranges and the Coorong will grace the halls of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

With photography projects spanning regions of the Australian countryside, Peter’s desert photography is breath taking, while his documentation of the flooding of Lake Eyre and Lake Frome in central Australia, using composition and the multiple textures of the lakes to form seemingly abstract images, is masterful. From the incredible shots of dust storms to rain storms, Peter MacDonald’s photography creates a narrative of the Australian outback experience rarely seen with such precision and sentiment.

Peter MacDonald lives in a small town north of the Flinders Ranges where he undertakes much of his photographic work, and where he runs workshops for keen photographers wanting to improve their craft, and learn environmental and landscape photography in a practical setting under the guidance of a proficient, professional artist. Offering intensive three-day photography workshops in South Australia, Peter’s participants learn from his self-taught skills and techniques to perfect their own craft and take their photography to a higher level. From composition to lighting, timing to camera skills, Peter MacDonald’s photography workshops are designed to improve skills and help to get the most from the camera, subject and location.

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